This Feels Like Home draws attention to the ways in which colonization continues to affect many Peoples’. Individual and collective agency are central tropes within this work. This is a reclamation of self-representations while creating a space where uncomfortable topics can be challenged and engaged with.

This interactive installation, combines sound, sculpture, prints, and surface design in order to communicate the many truths of Peoples’ experiences as a result of British colonization. The radio within the desk serves as a critique to the system, a secret site of resistance. This piece allows the viewer to imagine themselves in the educational environment presented before them. Education was an essential tool used by the British in colonial rule, and thus, this creates common experiences for the colonized, though they may be from different parts of the world. This work explores many themes including notions of identity, the process of decolonization, the search for ‘home’, resistance, liberation, race and racial stereotypes.

This work highlights the multiplicities in experiences and provides a glimpse into the effects of being colonized by the British, and living in Canada, another British colonized land.

Tools used: Max MSP, InDesign, built a trench radio, ammeter, sautering, laser cutting for plexiglass

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